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2017 Cafes with Fastest Wifi in Cebu City!

I made a list over a year ago with cafes with wifi and their speeds and some notes about the cafe. I’ve been having trouble with my home internet provider, so I decided to ditch them and go back to cafe hopping. Here’s my ongoing 2017 list! It’ll be updated every time I try a new or revisit an old cafe. Hope it helps!

Current favorite place: Bo’s Cafe Baseline

Bintana Coffee House
Download Speed: 3.86 Mbps
Upload Speed: 0.78 Mbps
Date visited: December 13, 2016
Notes: Still my favorite place.

Bo’s Cafe Baseline (Near Redemptorist Parish)
Download Speed: 41.72 Mbps
Upload Speed: 46.53 Mbps
Date Visited: January 24, 2017
Notes: Now with Fibr! As of today, there’s no time limit. But I spoke to the manager and they will be putting a 2 hour time limit for every purchase. Not bad!

Michael Angelo Coffee & Tea (Duterte St., Guadalupe, near Capitol Site)
Download speed: 3.78 Mbps
Upload speed: 0.46 Mbps
Date visited: December 11, 2016
Notes: Small place. Few power outlets. Regular cup of coffee P110. Cheapest thing on the menu: Special Pork Sibut or Century Chicken Arroz Caldo, both P85 (didn’t try them. not hungry).

Seattle’s Best Coffee (Ayala Terraces)
Download Speed: 2.16 Mbps
Upload Speed: 0.64 Mbps
Date visited: December 16, 2016
Notes: I think 2.16 Mbps is an over statement. The internet barely works here.


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