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Earthquake Relief!

The Young Professionals of St. John asked one of their own living in Bohol which part is in most need. She told us of this place where no one has gone yet to bring relief. The people living in the small Barangay Napo, Inabangga, Bohol were in need before the 7.2, 5.9, and 4.9 magnitude earthquakes hit Bohol. Now, one can only imagine how much more in need they are.

Fr. Jesus, CSJ went to Napo to check it out. There are about 179 families living in this Barangay. They are poor farmers all sleeping outside because of the earthquake. They’ve been getting infections and other common sicknesses, but don’t have medicine to treat them. Getting to Napo is already difficult. There’s a river that on a normal day would be very easy to cross via a small boat, but lately there have been typhoons, and a super storm is predicted to hit this weekend. So it may be more difficult. Normally the government would provide relief with medicine included.  Fr. Jesus went to DSWD, the government agency to check it out and all the goods are schedule to go out to other places. It may take months for them to reach Napo, and by that time people may already have died from sickness that could have been easily treatable.

Thanks be to God, they already harvested their rice, so they have enough to eat. We are now just focusing on bringing medicine.

Originally the Young Professionals of St. John planned a trip to Bohol to not only deliver the medicine but also bring joy and be present with the people, play with the kids, have bible sharings, etc. but due to the predicted super storms, it’s likely that there will be no boats going to Bohol this weekend.

The YPs were only able to raise 2500 Php, which is roughly $65 USD, from various donors. This can easily be raised in the US by one donor. That’s why I’m asking you for your help. We need to buy medicine for 179 families, please help! The catch is that we want to make the delivery ASAP before the storm. We want to buy the medicine on Wednesdays and make the delivery on Thursday.

The best way to make a donation from the US, is through I’ll pick it up at a bank to make sure that it gets to the one going to buy the medicine. If you can only send $5, that’s great! But maybe get together with a couple of people because it’s not economical to send money is small amounts.



Bulay one day decided to quit her job and move to Cebu, Philippines in order to learn how to love—especially to love the poor. Her main mission is with Pure Heart Philippines, but she's also doing other volunteer stuff while traveling every once in a while and having a ton of fun! Follow me on all my social media outlets: YouTube! Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

2 thoughts on “Earthquake Relief!

  1. I was provided with a flyer at church today in Montclair, and I just sent you an email. How can we help with the earthquake and the medicine? What $$$ amount do you need to raise? I went to the xoom site….how to I get funds to you?


  2. Hi Bu, thank you for your updates. We are praying. The xoom website hasn’t sent me a confirmation message yet 🙁
    The SOL website looks awesome!
    be safe. Lots of love,
    your sisters at Casa

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