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Pure Heart Philippines

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What is Pure Heart Philippines?
Pure Heart Philippines, an affiliate of Corazon Puro , is an organization dedicated to bringing the truth about love, our bodies, and our sexuality to youth and young adults according to Catholic Church teaching including Saint John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

What we do?
We invite youth an young adults once a month to pray with us, to have fellowship, and to search for the truth about love, our bodies, and our sexuality. The monthly meeting is usually on the first saturday of every month at the St. John Center in V.Rama. It includes one hour of adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, confessions, Mass, and a program filled with a talk, music, games, small group discussions, and more.

We also have a team of speakers who go out to other groups and organizations (and hopefully soon into the poor barrios) to bring the message of Pure Heart to the youth and young adults.

Have us speak to your group!
If you are in the Cebu City area, we can come to your group. Text Bulay Minano at 0922 589 1575 or email her at Right now we only do Saturdays because all of our speakers work the rest of the week.

What does it cost?
We do not charge for any of our services, all of our speakers are volunteers. We do accept donations, and it would really help if we had transportation covered.

How is Pure Heart Philippines funded?
Pure Heart Philippines is funded through the generosity of people who believe in our work. We would like to keep everything we do free because this message is for everyone, but there are some costs, such as advertising materials, snacks for during our events, transportation, posters, books and resources, etc.

Please consider making a donation!
You can help Pure Heart Philippines by making a financial contribution.

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