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What’s in a Name?

For years, I’ve been called “Bulay”. It has become my identity. I don’t really identify with my legal name. With the exception of 1 or 2 people, only strangers call me by my legal name. I go around introducing myself as Bulay—that’s just what makes sense to me, but when people learn my actual name—Maria Gizella Espinosa Miñano—they’re surprised at how far it is from my actual name.

I’ve been asked what the meaning of Bulay is for years and years and I have had no answer. Today, I bring you the answer straight from my mother’s mouth. Watch this video! And then subscribe to my channel 🙂


Bulay one day decided to quit her job and move to Cebu, Philippines in order to learn how to love—especially to love the poor. Her main mission is with Pure Heart Philippines, but she's also doing other volunteer stuff while traveling every once in a while and having a ton of fun! Follow me on all my social media outlets: YouTube! Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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